Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From Another World

I remember waking up and rushing to the bathroom to throw up. I was feeling so sick all the sudden and dont know why. Maybe I had eaten something bad yesterday... wait... I did have some greasy pizza last night that could be it. Its happened before. Flushed the toilet and got back into bed rolled over and hugged my bf and I closed my eyes.

Woke up with an aching back as I sit p and looked around. Where am I... the room looked dirty and there were so many woman sitting around. I stood up looking for my bf and he was nowhere. I started calling for him and the lady next to me yelled

Its pointless, stop yelling, youre hurting my ears.

Muffled I sat down and looked at the lady with the confusion look on my face tearing up.

It's the aliens said the women in distress. They either want to impregnate you or take your baby.  

But... Im not pregnant... I spoke out unsure...

Are you sure? said the lady as she lie back down on the dusty floor.

What do they want from us? Why? How did they get me here? Wheres my Bf?! I panicked.

Just calm down, hes probably outside on the farm. Unless he tries to escape hes in no danger. She assured.


Yea, they have the men farm to feed the women, deliver their babies and take them to outer space. I think once every 3 months they come for the harvest. They take all the women and kids to their ship. The lady looked out the window.

Outer space... I chuckled... 

How do you know this? I asked

I've been up there and back. They change us out once we have had a baby. They raise the human babies as their own and control them. The already pregnant ones get injected with some some type of virus to become one of them. The women that arent pregnant gets impregnated by them, They are slowly taking over our word and unless you're caught here you wont even know it... They disguise themselves as us...

The lady looked at me with a distant look and shook her head. I looked around and everyone looked terrified. I then held my stomach... Am I... pregnant...? A girl started moaning... I looked over and it looks like her water just broke.

A bunch of people came in and carried her out of the room. A lady tried to run out and one of them kicked her to the floor and Smacked her skull open. Left her there on the floor for dead as we all watched... They slammed the door and silence consumed the room.

I covered my mouth with my hand as I looked at the lady by the window.

See? Thats what happens if you try to escape. 

When will I get... to see him...? I cried

At night when they are done slaving him. I laid down and closed my eyes hoping it was all a dream.. and I heard a baby crying... The girl had her baby. 

Give me back my baby, the girl yells out loud and it sounds like shes fighting for her baby and suddenly a loud noise came around and the screaming stopped. I just curled up and tried to keep the thought of the girl being dead out of my mind, let alone the body on the floor in the room with us.

Night time came around. A bunch of guys came in and were ordered to remove the body. They looked just as terrified. Then I saw a glance of my bf and I waved at him. He slowly walked over to me and we held each other as if it was our last day alive... which more than likely could be. 

We have to escape... I cant be here... my bf said

But if we fail the attempt we will end up dead... like that lady that was dragged out of here... I whispered

If we stay here we will die as well...  he said.

We held each other and laid down. 

A man and his pregnant wife stood up 

We need to fight back and get out of here. They are just human like us! They posses human bodies they arent stronger than us! Says the man

Do you know how many of them are there? I asked

He then replies, Theres about 10 of them and theres like 20 of us. 

But you're talking 9 men that are tired and weak from malnutrition, and pregnant women...

Well its either try for it or end up dying anyways. Im not going to sit here and wait. he says

My bf stood up and agreed. Lets do this baby, we need to get out of here. I wont let them hurt you.

His wife laid down and started screaming as if she was having her baby. Most of the men stood by the door waiting for them to come through and ambush them. 2 of them came in straight to the lady to pick her up and was knocked out and beaten to death. Green blood it seemed came out of them and started moving towards the men that attacked them and started burning them like acid. My bf and I ran out like the rest of the people. The lady pregnant lady and her husband got caught, they threw the pregnant lady to the floor and held her down cutting her stomach open to remove the baby and left her for dead. They cracked the husbands head wide open. They took the baby and an after us. We kept running as did the group. Running in the group was one of them blending in and caught my bf cracked his had open and caught me while I was still in shocked. A beam of light came down....

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