Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From Another World

I remember waking up and rushing to the bathroom to throw up. I was feeling so sick all the sudden and dont know why. Maybe I had eaten something bad yesterday... wait... I did have some greasy pizza last night that could be it. Its happened before. Flushed the toilet and got back into bed rolled over and hugged my bf and I closed my eyes.

Woke up with an aching back as I sit p and looked around. Where am I... the room looked dirty and there were so many woman sitting around. I stood up looking for my bf and he was nowhere. I started calling for him and the lady next to me yelled

Its pointless, stop yelling, youre hurting my ears.

Muffled I sat down and looked at the lady with the confusion look on my face tearing up.

It's the aliens said the women in distress. They either want to impregnate you or take your baby.  

But... Im not pregnant... I spoke out unsure...

Are you sure? said the lady as she lie back down on the dusty floor.

What do they want from us? Why? How did they get me here? Wheres my Bf?! I panicked.

Just calm down, hes probably outside on the farm. Unless he tries to escape hes in no danger. She assured.


Yea, they have the men farm to feed the women, deliver their babies and take them to outer space. I think once every 3 months they come for the harvest. They take all the women and kids to their ship. The lady looked out the window.

Outer space... I chuckled... 

How do you know this? I asked

I've been up there and back. They change us out once we have had a baby. They raise the human babies as their own and control them. The already pregnant ones get injected with some some type of virus to become one of them. The women that arent pregnant gets impregnated by them, They are slowly taking over our word and unless you're caught here you wont even know it... They disguise themselves as us...

The lady looked at me with a distant look and shook her head. I looked around and everyone looked terrified. I then held my stomach... Am I... pregnant...? A girl started moaning... I looked over and it looks like her water just broke.

A bunch of people came in and carried her out of the room. A lady tried to run out and one of them kicked her to the floor and Smacked her skull open. Left her there on the floor for dead as we all watched... They slammed the door and silence consumed the room.

I covered my mouth with my hand as I looked at the lady by the window.

See? Thats what happens if you try to escape. 

When will I get... to see him...? I cried

At night when they are done slaving him. I laid down and closed my eyes hoping it was all a dream.. and I heard a baby crying... The girl had her baby. 

Give me back my baby, the girl yells out loud and it sounds like shes fighting for her baby and suddenly a loud noise came around and the screaming stopped. I just curled up and tried to keep the thought of the girl being dead out of my mind, let alone the body on the floor in the room with us.

Night time came around. A bunch of guys came in and were ordered to remove the body. They looked just as terrified. Then I saw a glance of my bf and I waved at him. He slowly walked over to me and we held each other as if it was our last day alive... which more than likely could be. 

We have to escape... I cant be here... my bf said

But if we fail the attempt we will end up dead... like that lady that was dragged out of here... I whispered

If we stay here we will die as well...  he said.

We held each other and laid down. 

A man and his pregnant wife stood up 

We need to fight back and get out of here. They are just human like us! They posses human bodies they arent stronger than us! Says the man

Do you know how many of them are there? I asked

He then replies, Theres about 10 of them and theres like 20 of us. 

But you're talking 9 men that are tired and weak from malnutrition, and pregnant women...

Well its either try for it or end up dying anyways. Im not going to sit here and wait. he says

My bf stood up and agreed. Lets do this baby, we need to get out of here. I wont let them hurt you.

His wife laid down and started screaming as if she was having her baby. Most of the men stood by the door waiting for them to come through and ambush them. 2 of them came in straight to the lady to pick her up and was knocked out and beaten to death. Green blood it seemed came out of them and started moving towards the men that attacked them and started burning them like acid. My bf and I ran out like the rest of the people. The lady pregnant lady and her husband got caught, they threw the pregnant lady to the floor and held her down cutting her stomach open to remove the baby and left her for dead. They cracked the husbands head wide open. They took the baby and an after us. We kept running as did the group. Running in the group was one of them blending in and caught my bf cracked his had open and caught me while I was still in shocked. A beam of light came down....

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I will never leave you...

I opened my eyes... and you were nowhere near. I sat up in this cold bed eyes searching for that warmth in your eyes to warm up the emptiness I feel inside. Getting out of bed, toes touching the cold floor sending shivers up my spine. I stood there, broken... as i covered my face with the empty hands I once held yours...
Suddenly, I felt your warm hands gliding across my waist connecting each other around my back. My body started heating up as the cool breeze blew my hair backwards. I slowly lift my face up out of the palm of my hands and reached up to touch your facing... to see if you were real... with a smile on my face as I touched you and you laid a kiss on my lips.
I will never leave you baby... I love you...

Thursday, January 21, 2016


A family of 5, father, mother and 3 kids. 1 girl 6 year old a boy about 3 and a 6 month old baby girl.
Father came home and told his wife the bad news that he got fired. Everyday he went back out to hope to find a job but no one would hire him cause so many businesses are going out of business. They started living off just porridge and eggs every now and then and sometimes nothing. The father got so depressed he jumped out in front of an 18 wheeler and took his own life. Leaving the wife alone with 3 kids no job, no money... The wife takes the kids to the corner of the street to beg for food and money... but so many people are struggling as well and couldn't afford to give much. They have one pig and it was too old no one would buy it, On the last bowl of rice the mom took the baby in the kitchen with her as she cooks the rice. The baby was crying and crying due to hunger. Everyone was hungry. Then suddenly the baby's crying stopped. The 3 year old walked to the kitchen and saw mommy standing there (Her back was to him) holding a butcher knife with blood dripping on the floor. The 6 year old ran over covered her brothers mouth and pulled him tot he side away from the door. The mom turn over quickly and there was just blood all over her. She didnt see anything so she sits down and starts carving and carving as she hums. She threw some parts in the bucket and some parts in the pot of porridge. After a few minutes she stands up with the bucket and takes it out to the pig and pours it in the pigs bowl.
Eat it all... I'll be eating you tomorrow...
The two kids walk over to look for their baby sister and all they saw was blood everywhere. They finally walked over closer to the pot and looked in and there was an eyeball floating in the pot... They both screamed and the mother looked over quickly and smiled as she runs at them with the knife.
And thats where I woke up...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Teen Problems

Teen Problems

Back in our teens Zak and I we best friends. I fell in love with him but he never felt the same for me. I stayed by his side as a best friend and council with his decisions in life.

I moved out from home into a dorm in school, as did he. His roommates pushing weed on him as did mine. I didn't fall for it but Zak did. I tried to stop him but he said it's just weed and that it was safer than smoking. I told him I prefer him not to do it again. He said OK I promise.
As the school week passed I saw him sneaking around the corner and into the stairway I walked over by the door and saw him and another guy exchanging a package. After it was done he came back in and bumped into me. I asked him about it and he said it was nothing and walked right pass me. I grabbed him arm calling him he yanked his arm back hurting me. He looked like he was concerned and l but then he turned away, quickly said sorry and walked away fast. My heart broke not because he doesn't love me but because he's fallen into the wrong path and I can't help him get on the right track.
He was trying out for the football team and I was just in the marching band. My roommates one was a cheerleader and one was those popular girls you don't want to hang around with. Sadly I didn't have a choice but to stay with them. Listening to how they talk down at people but I keep my mouth shut.
One day the cheerleader said she's dating a guy name Zak slender guy with hair in his face, blue dreamy eyes and right then I knew it was Zak. She says she was using Zak to make her ex boyfriend which was the football quarter back mad and get back with her.
I went to see Zak and asked to talk to him in private he walked away from his friends and we talked. I told him what I heard and he looked at me and said I can't believe you're jealous to that extent. You don't want to see me happy, happy with another girl. I don't love you like that. You're just a friend. I looked at him in tears and said I'm just a friend to you now? Well just friends it is. I walked away.
He made it into the fraternity and I saw him less and less. I usually get a glance and a smile every now and then. Shortly after they had a party and I was invited as well as my dorm mates. They were all dressed up in heels and I wore the sweater he gave last Christmas in jeans and sneakers.
The party was huge.I walked in hoping to see Zak but I didn't see him anywhere as I walk through the crowd people were drinking, smoking and doing drugs. I decided this wasn't my place so I turned around and started to walk out as I see Zak walking upstairs. I followed him to say hi but got stopped by a couple drink guys making fun of how I dressed I pushed through them and went the direction I thought I saw Zak going. Down the hall was just the room so I opened the door walked in and didn't see him then I started hearing someone sniffle in the bathroom I pushed the door in and saw Zak doing drugs. Zak saw me and panic grabbed me so I don't run off threw me to the wall and begged me not to tell anyone. I told him he's hurting me then he dropped me panicking and saying sorry over and over. I picked myself up and ran off.
I made back to my dorm as I drowned my pillow with my tears and fell deep asleep into my sorrows.
Morning came and my eyes were shut from the swelling from crying I can barely see. Got up went to shower and get ready for school. I can gear my roommates chatting in the room and one crying. But when I got out they were already gone.
As I make it to class the principle was on the intercom and called everybody to the gym they had something important to say. We all made it to the gym as I looked around for Zak but he was nowhere to be found. The principle walked in and spoke with a disappointed voice. I'm disappointed in what went on yesterday. Drinking? Drugs? And now John Fraco (quarter back) is dead. If anyone knows anything stand up now. No one stood up of course and the meeting ended.
I went to Zak's place and walked to his room no one answered so I opened the door in. There he was laying in bed under the cover shivering. I came to his bed side and pat him on the shoulder he looked at me in tears and said I'm sorry. I held him close and laid in bed with him as I held him close to my heart I can feel his warm tears filing up the home he left when he called me just a friend. What happened Zak? I asked him gently as I stroked his hair. I should have listened to you Mya... I should of stayed away... As he holds me right. Shhssss it's OK... Talk to me. Please... I scoot down to lay side by side with him as I look into his wet blue eyes. It was an accident... I didn't mean to... My gf was upstairs with me and John came in raging, we got into a fight and when I pushed him off of me he fell onto the table and hit his head... No one saw me so I ran. I looked at him... Zak... You know that was an accident right...? You need to confess or it will be worse... But I'm scared he said as he looked at me guilty. I looked at him with tears in my eyes I'll go with you OK... I told you I'll always be here for you. He looked at me with loving eyes the look I've missed for so long and said I love you. I looked at him with confusion and said you're just scared and confused. He shook his head and said no. I always did but we were befriends and I didn't want to ruin it. I looked at him and shook my head but you did walk away from me you didn't think that would ruin our friendship? He cried and said I know... I was wrong... I don't know what I was thinking... I held him close and said I love you too... He raised my chin and kissed me passionately the kiss I've been waiting for since as long as I can remember. As our lips separate I stood up off the bed and reached out my hand. Now let's do the right thing. He sat up and took my hand. Wiped his tears and asked... Will you wait for me? I looked at him and smiled haven't I been doing that all along? He smiled and we walked to the principles office.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fair + Ride # ???

I had a dream we were all going to a huge fair and getting on a ride. I got on a seat and the baby wanted to ride with me and I told him he can't it's not for kids his age so he cried. So the girl came over and said he can ride with you. I said um... OK. So the mom brought him over and I held him and strapped us up. The ride started and went in circles up and down the baby was screaming as if he was being murdered. The girl stopped the ride came over and asked is he OK. I said I think he's just scared. The mom came over and got him. The girl said wow surprised he didn't shit himself. Then the mom picked him off her side and looked. He did shit himself. Then I looked at my shirt where he sat and I had poo all over my side and the mom looked at her side where she was carrying him and she had poo all over her side Lol the baby cracked up laughing.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fish Food

On a boat and all you see are big fish everywhere a lot are human size no specific kind no sharks that you see. I stood there looking down at them and a specific fish keeps swimming around and looks like its waiting for something. Stephen stood next to me

Me: I would hate to ever fall in cause those fish will eat you.

Then suddenly this guy comes over and pushes Stephen in.

Guy: see? No fish is gonna eat him.

I scream for help

Me: someone hurry get him up than the fish comes up and I can see it from far I screamed

Me: Stephen watch out!

The fish snatched Stephen up fast and down he went. The dude jumped in after him. Kyle ran over

Kyle: what? What happened!?!

Me: this asshole pushed Stephen into the water the fish got him and that dude went in after him.

Kyle gets ready to jump in

Me: please be careful

Kyle: He's my best friend Im going to get him back.

Kyle jumps in the water. The big fish itself arose from the water and all you see out of its mouth are a pair knees and leg with blood all over and a bunch of fish also chasing after it. I teared screaming for help as the guys on the boat started throwing bait on the other side to catch the other fish attention and off the big one. I saw the fish come up again and closer to the boat and I reached in to grab the leg out of the mouth and the fish yanked I grabbed on as I closed my eyes hoping to slow it down so they can catch up and suddenly i fell back fast as if it let go My hand was still gripping onto the pants I open my eyes and there was just a leg in my hand I screamed as well as everyone else. Then I see two pair of hands holding onto the boat like they're trying to get on. People ran over to help and pulled Stephen and Kyle up and they both got the other guy as well. When they pulled them all up and put the other guy on the boat one leg was missing and half his body has basically been acid by the fish stomach he was barely breathing. I ran to Stephen and Kyle hugging them.

Stephen: I'm a big guy that fish couldn't swallow me whole if it tried.

Me: what happened?

Stephen: it snatched me alright but I held his mouth open and started beating it up as I was coming up the dude was already down there swimming back up as he saw me free from the fish but the fish cane back and grabbed him so as it passes me I swam around I grabbed onto it and started beating it up as Kyle joined in and as the fish got weak we pulled this dude out.
Dude: I'm so sorry...
Kyle: you should feel sorry for yourself.
And I woke up.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Woke up in a very dark room with as sheer light comes in the room from the curtains. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair to get the stands of hair falling down my face I walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. Stood there in front of the mirror as I brush my hair. Closed my eyes as I brush and brush till i felt something at my feet. I looked down and there were hair on my feet. I looked at the brush and there were so many hair on it. I closed my eyes as I feel my heart racing. When I opened my eyes my hair seemed fine. I let out a relived sigh as I go back to the bed and lay down.

Woke up again in the same way as i walk to the bathroom and brush my hair I kept watching myself in the mirror as I brushed my hair and I can see my hair falling this time. My hair was getting thin I stood there for a long time looking at my hair not knowing what to do... I started crying and ran to my bed as I shove my face into the pillow as it soaks up my tears. I fell asleep crying.

Woke once again to the same thing... this time i ran to the bathroom and my hair was just falling off I started screaming and yelling no over and over again. I threw things at the mirror punching it as the mirror breaks and glass flew everywhere as my hands started to bleed. I cried and fell to the floor laying on the broken glass as i kept bleeding. I laid there as my painful tears mixed in with my diseased blood. They started forming into a ball of blood everywhere was if they were gasoline and water. I lost a lot of blood and passed out.

I woke up in the bathroom as my body was drained of blood and tears i felt weak as I touch my hair or whats left of it. I grabbed the closest, biggest broken glass on the floor to see what I have left. I had a few strands of my jet black hair, my eyes had dark grey bags, my face is green from losing so much blood and I lost weight for not eating so long... I looked like a dead person.

Cancer oh cancer... before you can take the best of me and the last of whats left of my beautiful hair...

I took that piece of broken glass in my hand and slit my wrist. As blood and tears mixed with the last laugh... As i lay there listening to the last beat of my heart...